In Other News

Other major past, new, and ongoing activities include:

V.R. Gandhi Memorial Lectureship

Established through the generosity of the Jain community in North America, the V.R. Gandhi Memorial Lectureship will feature top scholars on Jainism from across North America and around the world.  The inaugural lectureship will take place in April 2013 and will be delivered by Dr. Jeffery Long from Elizabethtown College, PA, who has done spectacular work in Jain Studies, as well as on the themes of pluralism and process thought.  As part of the lectureship events, we will also have Dr. Subhash Jain, Professor Emeritus of the University of Iowa, do a special guest talk on Jain karma theory the evening prior to Dr. Long’s lecture.

2013 International Jain Conference on Women in the Dharma Traditions

Women’s voices are difficult to hear among traditional and contemporary Dharma texts. Yet, women are active and vibrant members of these communities. They are leaders, teachers, artists, philosophers, mothers, wives, professionals, politicians, monastics. This conference will seek to provide a forum for participants to engage the evolving identity of Dharmic women who live at the intersection of gender roles, professional aspirations, historical femininity, textual representation, cosmological archetypes, dynamic sexualities, cross-cultural nationalities and religious commitments.  Several men and woman are doing advanced work in this field but have never been brought together in the same location. We will make this opportunity possible in August 2013.

Spring Jain Studies Course on Ecology

This Spring, Adjunct Professor of Jain Studies Brianne Donaldson, who is currently teaching the first Jain dharma course offered at Claremont Lincoln University–Applied Jainism: Bioethics in the Dharma Traditions–will be offering a Jain Studies course in Ecology, titled Ecology, Indian Religions, and Our Planetary Future.  The course will blend the ontological and philosophical heritage of India with contemporary eco-critique in order to envision alternative futures for our local and global communities.  In the Fall of 2013, CJS will be offering a course on women’s perspectives in the Dharma Traditions.

Expansion of Library Jain Holdings

CJS received a number of donations this past year of Jain books to help expand the Jain holdings at the Claremont School of Theology Library.  The Jain community donated almost 100 books over the course of the year, the Somaiya Foundation made a donation of more than 300 books in August 2012, and the Jain Library Book Donation Trust sent nine key Jain texts to CJS in December 2012.  Most books have been processed by the Library staff and are now available as resources for Claremont scholars.  These books cover a range of subjects, including Jain philosophy, Jain art, Yoga, Dharma philosophy, and Jain devotional material.  This is a substantial collection of Jain texts to start the program with, and most texts arrived right in time for the needs of the students in the first Jain Dharma course, which was offered in the Fall.  CJS is exceedingly grateful to all individuals and organizations that have supported the Jain Library Collection expansion efforts.  For a new Center at a young University, these gifts are tremendously valuable in helping develop resources for students, scholars, and other community members.

Digital Recordings of Jain Lecture Material

Last year, CJS launched a major project of creating a number of high-quality digital recordings of Jain lectures in order to create a free and open-access online resource of Jain dharma for scholars around the world.  Some topics of these lectures include: applications of Jain ethics in daily life issues; Sallekhana; the code of conduct for a Jain monk; landmarks of Jain iconography; the karma doctrine; the teachings of Mahavira; and the stages of spiritual development.  The recording aspect of this project is complete—a total of 20 lectures were recorded—and what is left now is to edit the recordings to make them more accessible to the viewers.  CJS is currently working on this second phase of the project.

Paryushana Celebration at JCSC

On September 15, 2012, a group of Claremont students and community members jointed Claremont Lincoln administrative officers, including Chairman David Lincoln, President Jerry Campbell, and Provost Philip Clayton, at the Jain Center of Southern California in Buena Park for the Paryushana festival.  The group received a private historical tour of the Jain temple, observed multiple spectacular dance and theater performances by JCSC community members, and was treated to a free vegan meal afterwards.  Paryushana is the most important Jain festival of the year, and is a time of devotion and forgiveness for the Jains.

2013 Jain Summer School for Youth at Claremont Lincoln

CJS is currently collaborating with the Jain Center of Southern California to put on a week-long summer program at the end of July 2013 for a group of 30 youth aged 16-22.  The summer school will take place on the campus of the Claremont School of Theology, where youth will study Jain dharma alongside other wisdom traditions.  At the end of the week, students will go on a field trip to the Jain Center of Southern California for a tour of the temple, cultural program, and vegan Jain dinner.  For more information, please contact Hasendra:

E-Library on CJS Website

CJS is currently working with Jain partners as well as Claremont Lincoln administration to launch an e-library on the CJS website which will make available Jain books, articles, presentations, videos, and audio recordings for free to the public worldwide.

Grant Proposals

This past year, CJS submitted three major grant proposals for review:

  • V.R. Gandhi Chair for Jain Studies and Nonviolence: CJS has made an appeal to the Government of India to endow a chair in Jain Studies and Nonviolence at Claremont Lincoln.
  • Ahimsa, Jains, and the 1947 Partition of India and Pakistan: The American Academy of Religion has approved a request for a $5,000 research grant for CJS to conduct research on how Jain ahimsa was applied during the partition of Pakistan and India in 1947.
  • Ahimsa High School Teachers Program in India: CJS submitted a grant proposal to the Uberoi Foundation for funding support of a program on ahimsa at ISJS in the summer of 2013 for High School teachers from across the U.S.A.


Our Generous Donors

The Center for Jain Studies at Claremont Lincoln is tremendously grateful to the following individuals and organizations who have made gifts or pledges in support of the Center from September 2011 through December 2012.

American Academy for Religion
Desai, Ashok & Sarla
Jain Academic Foundation of North America
Jain, Anudeep & Aarthi
Jain Library Book Donation Trust
Jain Meditation International
Jain, Prem
Jain, Sugalchand
Khara, Subhash & Preeti
Mahavir Vision Inc.
Modi, Drs. Meera & Jasvant
Mody, Pravin & Sudha
Sarva Mangal Trust
Shah, Dr. Nitin
Surana & Company
Uberoi Foundation for Religious Studies
Vidya Sagar Institute of Management, Bhopal, India
Vora, Rohak & Swati